Cut your electricity costs with wattnow !

Up to 30% savings on your electricty bills and an equal impact on your carbon footprint!


One stop Energy solution

Wattnow helps your company gain actionable insights on it’s overall electricity usage trends, identify waste sources, and maintain optimal energy use across all of your locations.

For Every Home

Save your money and save the planet, thanks to an affordable smart solution that lets track every watt you use. With detailed feedback and targeted tips, reduce your electricity usage and stop wasteful habits.

Affordable smart solution

Wattnow is currently the most affordable smart solution for businesses on the market, we believe that being an energy efficient company shouldn’t defy the purpose of saving you the money, nor should the price jeopardize the quality of our product.


Saving energy rhymes with efficiency, and efficiency is even better when it becomes the gift that keeps on giving just after the first year of implementation, that’s when efficiency also rhymes with money.
Real Time

Get you energy usage data as it’s happening


All your sites in one smart energy network
AI powered Insights

You don’t just get the data but also actionable insights and recommendations

Easy to install

It takes few minutes to setup our devices by a certified electrician


It usually only takes one device per location

Retrofitted solution

With our DIN rail compatible design , no need to alter your current setup

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Service Packages

Per Month
  • One Sensor per home
  • Unlimited Daily data
  • Locations Up to 5
  • App iOS/Android
  • Free Installation
Home Solar
Per Month
  • Tracks Production/usage
  • Unlimited Daily data retention
  • Up to 5 locations
  • App iOS/Android
  • Free installation*
Per Year
  • Free installation
  • Unlimited locations
  • Custom deployment
  • Web/Mobile access
  • ISO 50001 compliant