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Carbon footprint

Wattnow works to reduce your carbon footprint

How it works

Knowing the challenges businesses encounter in managing their carbon footprint, we provide a comprehensive solution for carbon footprint reduction, aimed at minimizing your overall carbon emissions and fostering a sustainable future.


This feature allows for easy monitoring of energy consumption and cost across different teams and departments, as well as automated reporting to staff members, this feature ensures that energy usage is being tracked and monitored at all times and allows for quick action to be taken in case of any anomaly.

Advanced reporting capabilities, such as custom ratios and dashboarding, allow manufacturing facilities to analyze their energy usage data in greater detail, providing insights into areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made.

Energy usage data, production, and distribution is collected, concentrated and managed in a single dashboard which allows for greater control and coordination of various energy-related activities. Our solution handles an increasing amount of data as the project grows and can accommodate to the addition of new energy sources, devices, and users without affecting its performance.

Forecasting can help manufacturing facilities to predict future energy usage and budget accordingly, allowing them to make more informed decisions about energy usage and cost management.

This feature helps identify facilities in the manufacturing portfolio that may be performing less efficiently, so that attention and resources can be directed to those specific sites for energy savings.