Leverage data-driven insights to increase production capacity, minimize downtime, and enhance profitability.

main energy consumers

Optimizing agri-food production

Double-down on efficiency and reduce costs in energy-intensive
agri-food processes


Cooling and freezing equipment can be major energy consumers in the food industry.

Cooking and heating

Ovens, fryers, and other cooking equipment are big consumers, as well as heating equipment used to dry or dehydrate food.


Many food processing operations, such as grinding, mixing, and blending, can be energy-intensive.


Efficient production processes

Here’s how Wattnow can elevate your facility’s performance.

Improved food safety and quality

Improved supply chain management

Increased production capacity

Enhanced compliance


All your facility needs

Wattnow’s comprehensive suite of features helps your facility achieve optimal energy use

Anomalies detection

This feature allows for the detection of unusual energy usage patterns, which can help identify issues such as equipment malfunctions or human errors that can lead to unnecessary energy consumption.

Advanced analysis

Advanced reporting capabilities, such as custom ratios and dashboarding, allow manufacturing facilities to analyze their energy usage data in greater detail, providing insights into areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made.

Detect portfolio outliers

This feature helps identify facilities in the manufacturing portfolio that may be performing less efficiently, so that attention and resources can be directed to those specific sites for energy savings.

Automation & control

Automation and control allows for remote control of energy usage, reduced energy waste and increased efficiency. This feature can be customized to suit specific needs, allowing for greater control over energy usage and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Realtime alerting

Real-time alerting allows manufacturing facilities to be quickly notified of potential issues, such as equipment malfunctions or power outages, so that they can take action to minimize downtime and energy waste.


Forecasting can help manufacturing facilities to predict future energy usage and budget accordingly, allowing them to make more informed decisions about energy usage and cost management.

Automated reports

This feature allows for easy monitoring of energy consumption and cost across different teams and departments, as well as automated reporting to staff members, this feature ensures that energy usage is being tracked and monitored at all times and allows for quick action to be taken in case of any anomaly.

Centralization & scalability

Energy usage data, production, and distribution is collected, concentrated and managed in a single dashboard which allows for greater control and coordination of various energy-related activities. Our solution handles an increasing amount of data as the project grows and can accommodate to the addition of new energy sources, devices, and users without affecting its performance.

Continuous archiving

Our Dashboard enables you to continuously save all energy-related data generated by the system. This helps provide a complete and detailed record of energy-related activities over time. This data is used to identify trends, monitor energy usage patterns, and analyze energy efficiency. It is also used for regulatory compliance, billing, and reporting purposes.

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